Bananas needs you!


Bananas parents are essential to the running of the group. As well as fulfilling the committee roles, we need parents to help out with gardening, baking, craft activities, spring cleaning and outings.

We regularly hold open coffee and chat days organised by parents which are open to visitors and community, to come and visit the group and see what the children have been doing. This give parents some “grown up” time to sit and have a coffee with no children for a short while!

We encourage an open door policy where parents and carers and family can visit us at anytime.

We also encourage parents to share their experiences with the children such as their talents, hobbies or their profession. Children love parents and family coming in telling their friends about something that their parents, grandparents or family do. In the past we have had a game keeper telling us about badgers, a doctor telling us about our bodies and a fitness instructor showing us how to keep fit.